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The Jezebel Agenda
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The Spirit of Jezebel
Understanding the Jezebel Spirit - The Depths of Satan
Jezebel's Portrait of God
The Spirit of Jezebel - The Spirit of Compromise
The Jezebel Influenced Pastor

Biblical Perspectives on Controversial Topics:

Noah's Ark - Is the Story True?

Global Warming, Climate Change and the Bible

Women in the Pulpit

Christians and Homosexuality

The "Big Bang" Theory

Christmas Sadness

A Habitation of God

How to Receive the Gift of Eternal Life

Lighthouses and the Bible

Truth and a Two Dollar Bill

The Name of God


Tree of Life

Stringing the Jewels -
Teaching the Word of God in Simplicity

A Sure Foundation - The Truth or The Emerging Church?

Earnestly Contending for the Faith

Politics or God's Word?


Prejudice and the Poor

Once Saved, Always Safe?

Principles of Healing

Lordship Salvation or Salvation by Grace Alone?

Prayer Power

Prosperity in Perspective

Who is the Bride of Christ?

The Nation of Israel - The Sign of the Fig Tree

The Medical Mark of the Beast

Ghost Story: The Levels of Hell

The Antichrist and Seventh Day Adventism

Removing the Thorns

Baptism in the Name of Jesus

True Worship

Understanding the Apostle Paul

The Devouring Curse

The Sin of Jonah

Secomd Chances

Why Constantine did not Invent Christianity

The Mark of the Beast

Are "Dead Zones" Prophesied in the Bible?
Sign of the Fish

Harriet Tubman - A Bride of Christ

Worthy to Escape

In His Image

Gospel Joy

The Noahide Laws

The Chosen People and their Right to the Holy Land

The Covenant Heresy


Favorite Prayers

Here Comes the Bride of Christ

The Greatest Preacher

The greatest preacher I ever heard is the wife of a pastor in New England. She is ordained, but she doesn’t like to preach, she prefers working in the Sunday school with the children. But in order to maintain her ordination, she is required to preach occasionally, which she does, usually at an evening service attended by a handful of people at their small, rural church.

She is a petite, elegant looking woman, quite unassuming. She approaches the pulpit with her notes in hand and begins to read them, quietly. There is no great rolling oratory, just soft words, she sometimes hesitates, but the entire time she is talking about Jesus she cries. The tears flow automatically because she is feeling every word. Her husband told me this happens every time she ministers.

I was in awe of her.

The Sin of the Ephesians

Trapped in a Barn

Miracles Happen when you
Pray Without Ceasing

Transformation of the Inner Man

Never Give Up

Imposter Pastors

The First Century Church- A Model for Today

Hellfire and Brimstone

The Shroud of Turin

Technology and the Voice of God

I Don't Believe in Atheists

Edible Fruits

The Sin of Fornication


Transcript - In corporate terminology a CEO is the “Chief Executive Officer.” In other words, he’s the boss. Now let’s imagine a massive corporation that has been built from the ground up by the genius of one man. He’s constructed his corporation according to a well thought out plan and skillfully engineered his operation into a highly successful, productive empire. To work for his company means a dream job, with a more than generous salary and out-of-this-world benefits.
     You apply for employment and are thrilled to learn that you have been accepted.

     You are given a complete set of mandates on how your CEO wants you to operate within this corporation. There’s only one problem – you don’t quite agree with all of those rules. So you begin to “wing it” in certain areas that you don’t agree with. You are positive your way is better, even though your boss has proven that his business operates the best way according to the plan he has designed.
     Slowly, over the course of time, things that you have implemented start going wrong. Only you don’t quite see it that way. In your mind the changes you have made are starting to turn the corporation in a different direction, one that suits you, even though your employer does not see it the same way you do.

Fortunately, your boss is a very kind and patient man. Over and over again he has tried to make you see that your ways are not his ways, and even though you may not agree with him, to abide by his course of action is what he requires.
     In spite of a series of warnings, you blatantly refuse to “repent” so to speak, from doing things your own way and you are subsequently fired from your dream job.

You are angry and disappointed. But you still have to realize the one thing that has gotten you into this mess in the first place – you are not the boss. And your boss has every right in the world to fire you for not operating according to the rules of his organization. In other words, you deserved to be fired.

Now let’s apply this scenario to God. He is the CEO of the universe. He has created everything according to His liking and everything runs in perfect order as a result. The sun arrives on the horizon at the proper time every morning and goes down in the evening when it is supposed to. The oceans have their proper boundaries; the seasons come and go precisely as programmed by their Creator. Mankind has been given a perfect, absolutely gorgeous planet to live in.

In order to help us abide by the Creator’s specifications and maintain what He has created according to His will, He has given us a set of rules to live by. He has promised that if we live by His word, things will go well for us and there will be many blessings and company perks along the way. But mankind has other ideas. He sees God’s way as too confining. Sin is more fun than obedience and so the employees decide to take things into their own hands. Suddenly things start happening that are not part of the Creator’s design for the project. People are being murdered, kidnapped, robbed and sold into slavery. They fall victim to horrendous diseases and poverty. There are wars and bloodshed, chaos and riots. Yet the employees still believe that their way is better even though the creation around them is groaning with earthquakes, floods, fires and violent storms.

But the Creator is very patient with them. He continually sends other faithful employees to try and turn the rebellious ones back to Him and His ways. He even sent His Son to die for them so He can forgive them and give them the bonus of eternal life with Him. Those who respond are guaranteed a secure position for life and beyond. But the others however, refuse to admit they have been wrong in their approach to management and blatantly continue on in willful, deliberate rebellion against God’s authority.

The result is that things keep getting worse and worse until the unmanageable employees reach the inevitable end of their employment and they are fired – literally.

And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire – Revelation 20:15.

Mankind failed to recognize the one thing that has gotten them into this mess in the first place – they are not the Boss. And their Boss has every right in the world to fire them for not operating according to the rules of His organization. In other words, they deserved to be fired.

It’s a sad ending for those who could have reached the pinnacle of their careers on this planet. The outcome for these ones might have been a whole lot different. Yet they would not repent “of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts” – Revelation 9:20, 21.

They had a clause in their contract that would have changed the horrendous world they had created back to their Boss’s original wonderful plan for all of them. It’s too bad they refused to read it.

“At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it; If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do to them” – Jeremiah 18: 7,8.

Copyright 2012 by H.D. Shively

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