The Apostolic Reformation - A Prophectic Word for this Hour

The Holy Spirit is stirring the ashes of pages burned. The word of God has been mutilated by those professing prophetic gifts and apostolic anointing. Out of the ashes of the rejection of the pure bread of God’s word will arise a hidden remnant that God has formed through the pages of His word. This remnant is clothed in the sackcloth of repentance and will bring this word back into the body of Christ.

The authority of the Scriptures will be restored to those who can hear.

The church has been deceived by the spirit of Korah/Core (Numbers 16, Jude 1:11). These were the men that challenged the authority of the man, Moses that God appointed to lead His people. God appointed His Apostles to establish the doctrine in the pages of His word, which is to be the model for God’s people. The authority of the founding Apostle’s has been negated by counterfeits. God is testing His people. Is the pure word of God the model for your faith or are you following the precepts of men?

The Jezebel counterfeit will be exposed and choices will be made. This counterfeit bride offers a sumptuous table that offers compromise, rejects repentance and the Biblical truth that God sends judgment upon His people that walk in a spirit of rebellion to His word.

The true Bride of Christ offers a table set with the purity of the word of God. There is no compromise with sin at this table, there is discipline and a willingness to turn from sin and receive correction for this bride is truly in love with her husband.

God is calling his true bride out of the compromised church of Babylon that is the whore’s resting place.

Copyright 2010 by H.D. Shively

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