And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
"This is the way, you walk in it, when you turn to the right hand, and when you turn to the left." - Isaiah 30:21

Be Still
Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

My busy schedule was suddenly interrupted by a painful bout of neuralgia, a cold in the nerves running from my back into my right arm. It made it very difficult to move. Sudden movements could bring a stabbing jab of pain. I had to spend a lot of time in bed with my heating pad. I did need the rest, and God needed my attention.
    I remember trying to fall asleep one night. I couldn’t lie on either side, or lie flat. My only sleeping position was propped almost upright, my chin banked by another pillow.
   I was on the verge of finally falling asleep. The only thing on my mind at that moment was getting a good night’s rest. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, a phrase was deposited across my mind with all the force of a mental volcano and I heard these words from Scripture -“His left hand is under my head, and His right hand embraces me”.- Song of Solomon 2:6.
    I was taken by surprise. If I was going to be given a verse from the Lord, I expected it would be something that had to do with healing, or comfort in affliction. Why this verse?
   In the quiet of that moment, the Spirit softly fed the interpretation into my soul.

Hear the Comfort,
Hear the Challenge...

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The Still Small Voice

The Parent's Song

The Winter Flowers

Worms and Dung

I Know Where You Are

The Spiritually Needy

When His left hand is under your head, and His right hand is embracing you, you can’t move around very much. It is a position of intimacy. His hand is cupped around the mind, His other hand surrounds the heart. He is commanding His bride to focus upon Himself.
    “Be still My love, and know that I am your God.”
    So I couldn’t move to the left or the right. I would stay focused upright upon Him, and I would hear what He has to say to me.
    Martha was always going, doing, serving, (Luke 10:38-42). Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to His word.
    Martha complained to the Lord, and He corrected her, saying that little Mary had chosen the best part.
    In another segment of Scripture, (John 12:2,3), we see that Martha is still busy serving, and Mary is once again at the feet of Jesus, anointing Him with oil and praise. This time Martha doesn’t say anything, for by now she must know that Mary, again, has chosen the best part.
    Yet the serving had to be done. I thank the Marthas who serve so the Marys can take the time to serve in another, less obvious way perhaps. But the Mary service is of much value to the Lord. For the Marys anoint Him with worship and bless Him with the joy of intimate communion. Sometimes we forget that we have been created for fellowship with Him.
    Thank you, Martha, for all that you do, all you have done. Now take some time off; sit down with your little sister and listen for a while.

Copyright 2003 by H.D. Shively

The Discipline of Doing Nothing

Excerpts from
The Still Small Voice

The Call Home


Kingdom of the Childhearted

Called to Servant-Hood

Called to the Mountain

God's Weaponry

"A measure of conviction within the heart is like a grain of sand in an oyster shell. It is the necessary irritant that grows the pearl."

"I will never tell you anything that contradicts My written word, or goes beyond it. Read My word and you will know My voice."

Hearing God's Voice

My husband and I were camping by a river in New York State. He was sitting in an aluminum lawn chair enjoying the view. It was a cloudy day, yet there was no rain or any sign of an impending storm.

Suddenly, my husband heard the Still Small Voice of the Lord speak urgently, “Get up and go into the house NOW!”

He obeyed, and the minute he got back inside our camper and closed the door, everything outside turned pure white. A lightning bolt had struck right by our trailer and if my husband had remained in that metal chair he would have died or been severely injured.

There are many people who have been taught that the Lord does not speak to His children. We know for a fact God does communicate with His people when necessary. For those who seek Him, and want a deeper relationship with Him, He is more than willing to respond.

"The Still Small Voice" is the result of my seeking. These words were meant for me, and may not apply to everyone, but they all have value. Many of them are scripture inspired prose that are designed to bring the reader into a more intimate relationship with our heavenly Father. We begin as a tiny child and He raises us up to become His bride in His embrace. I pray that this collection will bring comfort, direction, challenge, joy and help you in your journey to spiritual maturity.


Enter through My gates
with thanksgiving;
enter into My courts with praise
(Psalm 100:4).
I have made the day;
rejoice in the day I have given you.
Soon all darkness and sighing
will pass away.
Rejoice, My children, rejoice!
Never cease in giving thanks,
though My path toward the future may seem black as night.
I have created the night as well;
trust that I have control
over all that I create.
Rejoice, My children,

In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer: I have overcome the world. John 16:33

Technology and the Voice of God

Christians who are walking with God, can hear the Lord’s Still Small Voice for guidance and correction. As modern technology advances, the devil works through man’s inventions to try and duplicate how God operates. The goal is to replace the worship of God with the worship of man and his technology. There are even churches being formed today to worship “Artificial Intelligence.” While this is a massive delusion; for nothing man can contrive will replace the One True God of Israel, many can be deceived by these demonically inspired inventions.

One of these technologies that is currently being developed, has the ability to transfer actual sounds into the human brain. One sceptic offered himself to be the subject of one of these experiments and was astounded when he could suddenly hear music playing inside his head. I have no doubt that at some point in the future, this technology will be used to try and counterfeit God’s voice in unsuspecting individuals.

It’s important to understand that the Still Small Voice of God does not manifest as a radio in your brain. God’s voice is not an audible voice in your head or a sound. His gentle voice is subtle, like a thought, yet distinct from your own. God speaks through His Holy Spirit, and the Spirit causes the believer to recognize the distinction between your own thoughts and His voice.

People who hear voices, like schizophrenics, mind control victims and the demon possessed, are hearing a distinct interior voice, which is not God’s method. These voices are being projected into the brain either demonically or electronically through frequencies as in this new technology.

God can speak audibly to people, we have many instances of this in the Scriptures. When He speaks this way, it is heard not from within the brain, but outside, as if one would hear someone speaking directly. On these occasions sometimes His voice can be heard by others - (I Samuel 3:4, Matt. 3:17, Luke 3:22, John 12:28,29).

It is not outside the boundaries of the devil’s attempts to deceive mankind, to technically project God’s voice upon a crowd, or produce a hologram on a cloud. We are warned by the Lord to be aware of demonic counterfeits and the ability of the coming antichrist to produce technological wonders that may have the ability to deceive the elect (Rev. 13:13, Matt.24:24).

Some people, in fear of this deception, have a tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. It is important for people to be able to discern God’s voice for their own protection, especially in view of the coming deceptions. For example, I read the testimony of a survivor of the attacks on the twin towers in New York City. The first building had been struck and the management of the second building mistakenly thought the worst was over and the workers who had evacuated to the lower floor were told that they could go back to work. One Christian girl then heard the Still Small voice say urgently, “Run child, run for your life.” She obeyed and her life was saved.

God will never tell you to do something that contradicts His word, or consumes a lust. One of the pastors I met told me he counseled a girl who was convinced that the Lord had told her that it was okay to sleep with her boyfriend. The sin of fornication is forbidden in the Scriptures and most likely the instructions she thought were from the Lord, were actually from the devil who was manipulating her own lust and thoughts to deceive her into rebelling against God’s word.

Read God’s word and you will know His voice. The voice of God speaks loudest through His written word. Knowing His word is our first line of defense in guarding our hearts and minds from deception.

God’s Voice on a Mountain

My husband and I were having tea at a fast food restaurant in California. A man came up to our table and asked us if we knew anyone who needed some money. We had lost our home several years earlier and were living in our camper earning a meager living doing art shows. I quickly raised my hand with a smile and he handed me a twenty dollar bill. Then he sat down and began to share his story.

His name was Charlie Lundy, former president of the Lundy Aircraft Corporation. He told us that he was a Christian now, but at that time he was opposed to Christianity. He had a younger girlfriend who was a Christian and he was always trying to talk her out of her Christian faith.

One day they were taking a hike together up a mountain. When they reached the top, Charlie said that the sky opened up above his head, a light poured down and he heard a Voice say to him, “Charlie, you are going to serve Me. And so you will know that it’s Me, at the end of thirty days you are not going to have any money.” He thought that was impossible. He had five million dollars and three million was liquid. How could he lose all of that in just thirty days?

Well, unbeknownst to Charlie, his ex-wife and his lawyer had gotten together and turned Charlie’s Swiss bank account into the IRS. At the end of thirty days, Charlie had no money.

He became a Christian, married his girlfriend and when we met him, they were living in a camper ministering to other homeless people in Fresno. In spite of his losses he was very happy now that he had Jesus and his life was redirected and given a new purpose by God’s Voice on a mountain.

Audible Comfort

I have read many stirring testimonies from missionaries, but none have affected me more than this account of one family’s ordeal on their mission field in Palau.
    The father, mother, their 12- year- old son, and 11- year- old daughter, had arrived with much excitement and anticipation about their new ministry. There was no telephone, but the house they moved into was well protected with bars on all the windows. They felt safe there.

Then one night three men broke through the door and as the father tried in vain to stop them from entering the house, he was stabbed, beaten and knocked unconscious. The men proceeded to brutalize his wife and children, repeating behaviors they had learned by watching pornography and violent horror films. The bars on the windows that were there to protect the family, only blocked their escape.

After two hours the men left and the father managed to take his children to the naval base and the police were summoned. His wife had been taken by one of the men to a bunker near the house and her husband did not know if she was still alive. During her ordeal she was told by her attacker that her family was dead. In spite of this she still shared the Gospel with him.

The police arrived and she was rescued. The man she had witnessed to was shot by the police as he tried to escape. Eventually the rest of the men were captured.

The father was badly injured and needed surgery for the multiple blows to his head. The doctors gave him a forty percent chance of survival with possible brain damage. The Lord told their son that He would heal his father and he would not need the surgery. God was true to His word and the father was healed miraculously.

The husband and wife both remained faithful to the Lord throughout their ordeal and vowed to trust Him no matter what, even though some of their relatives questioned why God had allowed this to happen to their loved ones.

The family was deeply traumatized, and their recovery took many years. Eventually they were all brought to a place where they could forgive their attackers. The children had ministries when they were grown and the family’s faith was strong.

After many years they returned to Palau. Their case was famous and because of that notoriety they were able to minister Jesus to multitudes. They realized that what the devil had intended for evil, actually resulted in a ministry there much larger than it would have been if they had not had to endure so much suffering. The family was even able to pray with one of the men who had harmed them. Their testimony of forgiveness has touched and restored many.

The Lord had spoken audibly to the husband to comfort him, and the Lord’s counsel with him became an integral part of the man’s testimony. The Lord had told him, that He was concerned for His Son, Jesus’ safety and protection, but more concerned for a lost and dying world. Likewise, He was concerned for his family’s welfare, but more concerned for that lost and dying nation.

We are reminded by the scriptures that all things work together for good, to those who love God and are the called according to His purpose. We all may not hear God’s voice audibly to comfort us in those situations when He is turning what the devil sows into fruitful seeds for good; but we can like that family, retain our trust in the Lord and rejoice in the fact that God’s love for us is indestructible.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

I never said your walk with Me would be easy,
I said it would be blessed.

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