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Sign of the Fig Tree
Israel, the Tribulation and the Church

Sign of the Fig Tree Book God had promised the Holy Land to Abraham’s offspring; a promise that came with conditions that had to be met in order for them to remain in the land.

Were those conditions met, and are they being met today? Did Israel really become a “nation in one day,” or has that prophecy been misinterpreted? What can Jews and Christians do to prepare for the prophesied coming tribulation?

Author, H.D. Shively answers those questions and gives the Biblical explanation for Israel’s existence as a nation today, and how their obedience and disobedience to God’s commands affects the world and relates to the Christian church.

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Table of Contents

Introduction | 1 The Sons of Adam | 2 The Babylonian Captivity
3 The New Everlasting Covenant | 4 The Bethlehem Prophecy
5 Sign of the Fig Tree | 6 A Nation in One Day
7 Israel, the Tribulation and the Church | 8 The Remedy of Repentance
9 The Remnant | 10 The Three Covenants and Christianity
11 Pentecost, War and Peace for Israel | Conclusion

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