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Winter Flowers Book
The Winter Flowers - A Collection of Writings for Dramatized Readings and Storytelling by H.D. Shively
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An Eyewitness Account of Jesus' Crucifixion- an Excerpt from "The Eyewitness."

Revelation at the Well
woman at the Well

The Woman at the Well (John 4:1-42) comes to life - with a Brooklyn accent!

The Valley of Comfort

(It's not what you think)

A flock of sheep must decide whether to follow their Shepherd into the wilderness where they may face some hardships, or follow a skillfully disguised wolf-in-sheep's clothing into the Valley of Comfort. Find out what happens when some of the sheep make the wrong decision.

The exclusive first interview after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

The Box
the box story

For centuries mankind has put God in a box. Now someone's let Him out.

What happens when a little boy lets God out of a box in church? - Laughter, tears and changed hearts.

art masterpiece
The Masterpiece

God creates a masterpiece when He changes a young artist's perspective

The Turtle

A little boy who wants to tell people about Jesus, a turtle and a woman in despair, all combine to make a story to share.

The Hat

boy wearing hat

The Gift that became a Miracle

The Bride of Christ and Adultery - A Dramatized Retelling of John 8:2-11

A haunted inn becomes the setting for an impromptu interfaith dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims

Eyewitness Drama
An Eyewitness account of Jesus' Death and Resurrection

A leper finds Someone who is not afraid to touch him.

teddy bear in suitcase
A prideful pastor learns a lesson in humility when God changes him into a toddler.

church window
A young man who has been involved in sin seeks membership in a church. Will he be accepted?

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All stories copyright by H.D. Shively. Art copyright by J.L Shively and H.D. Shively except for "Revelation at the Well" and "The Bride of Christ and Adultery."