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The Winter Flowers
A Collection of Writings for Dramatic Readings and Storytelling

Winter Flowers Book “The Winter Flowers” is an inspiring collection of dramatic readings and short stories by storyteller and dramatist, H.D. Shively.

Watch God create the world as a conductor of an orchestra in “Creation Symphony.” Find out what happens when a grandfather’s simple gift becomes a miracle in “The Hat.” Become an “Eyewitness” to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Learn what happens when a little boy lets God out of a box in church, in “The Box.” Follow some sheep into the “Valley of Comfort” and discover with them that the easy way is not the best way - or the safest.

Whether you are involved in a drama ministry or just want to read these unique expressions of the Christian faith, “The Winter Flowers” will leave you inspired and challenged to be someone who can bloom in the cold snows of man’s pride and unbelief. Open the pages of “The Winter Flowers” and enjoy the adventure.

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Table of Contents

Introduction | Creation Symphony | The Hat | Teapots | Touch Them for Me

The Road to Bethlehem | Mary’s Reverie | The Eyewitness | Adultery | Interview with Lazarus

Just a Man | What a Beautiful Man | Leper | Honesty | One Set of Footprints

One Unblemished Lamb | Pilate’s Confession | The Last Cry | Contemplate the Cross

The Sacrifice - Abraham’s Song | You Remembered My Name | In the Wake of Heaven

Man of the Ages | A Revelation | Rahab’s Soliloquy | The Attic | The Winter Flowers

Revelation at the Well | The Valley of Comfort | The Masterpiece | Barefootin’

The Box | Revival | Songwriter

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