Why Worship?

Praise ye the LORD: for it is good to sing praises unto our God; for it is pleasant; and praise is beautiful – Psalm 147:1

     A famous actor who had been raised in church, but apparently never understood what his faith was all about, mentioned in an interview his opinion of worship. To him, it was a big ego trip for God to have people worship Him. Thus, this actor rejected his faith and stomped off into the darkness of his own choosing.
     What he viewed as an ego trip for God, was actually an excuse for his own inflated ego not to have to deflate before a Being so much higher than himself.

     An over-inflated human ego is an unhealthy spiritual condition that can manifest in a multitude of destructive behaviors. Worship is actually designed by God to eliminate the effects of an imbalanced ego. When we can submit in worship to the One that is so much more glorious than ourselves, the ego is reduced proportionately to a healthier state. Humility is a more becoming adornment upon the human soul than pride. A humble soul is also more enabled to experience God’s peace and joy, thus eliminating the stress of having to maintain pride’s façade. In other words, when we worship God we can relax.

     In genuine worship we will discover that it is reciprocal. When we worship from the heart, God responds by drawing closer and we can experience the sweet tranquility of His presence and His love upon our souls.

     Praise and worship is not an ego trip for God, it is a place of communion on another level than that of prayer. Worship is meant to be a healing waltz for the soul with the Creator of the Universe. It is a mutual dance of delight for both parties where our little egos are removed from the prison of self, and we are given the privilege of experiencing the joy and freedom of being absorbed into God’s sweet presence.

     In true worship, God brings His people into His intimate embrace which is a place of mutual enjoyment. It is a sanctuary where pride will not enter. It’s sad so many choose to remain in their cages of self-worship thinking they are really free.

     It is good to sing praises to God, and praise is beautiful.

Copyright 2015 by H. D. Shively

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