Testimony of a Twelve Year Old Boy

This is a letter that was distributed in church by a twelve year old boy who wanted to share his testimony of how he received Jesus. I think it's a must read.

      April 1, 2016

      Dear Friends and Family,

      Yesterday I had a very long drive from Vermont back home. On this drive I discovered how mean I have been to my brother and how much I needed the Lord. When this happened I was listening to the radio, a few Christian radio songs that I had already heard before, most of them, but then I just noticed something. I listened to the words intently, and then I just started crying quietly and thinking about how much I needed Jesus in my life. I just kept on thinking how much I needed Him and everything. If we would not have needed to leave that day I might not have become a Christian.

      When we got home I was about to help my dad but I burst into tears. My mom came to comfort me and dad and then Elijah, my brother. I told them I wanted Jesus, and that I needed Him in my life. The reason I write this is because I want you to also know all about what has happened to me and that you might also believe in Him. You may think this is astounding to believe. Let me tell you how I felt. I felt like I was living in a dingy, dirty house with garbage all over the floors and paint falling off the walls, and then I looked out the window in this vision and I saw a nice pretty house on a hill, and then I looked at my own house and said, “Wow, I’ve been living in this garbage, was that there yesterday?” I need to do something about this, I need to do something about this, I don’t want to look like all the other dingy houses along the road. Something needs to be done here. I just feel like if I just keep on living this way it’s going to just keep getting worse and worse, but now it will just be getting better and better. And I feel now that, I feel so great, I just feel really good. And I feel like I was in a prison with chains on my legs and on my hands. And a blindfold of black on my eyes, earplugs in my ears, and no light in the room, and rats scurrying all over the room, and the smell of vermin on the floor, and then I was let free of it. All the chains came off my legs and arms and now I am free of it all. I feel like I have been enslaved to a master that I didn’t even know I was enslaved to, and I feel like I’ve been living in the ways of this world like sloppy pig’s barn.

      And I hope this will touch your heart....I may not know much about the Scriptures, but I know something…I know I will not live in a dingy pig’s barn the rest of my life. And I also want to help you get out of that prison, or that master you are enslaved to. And I want you to see the light, and I want you to feel Him working in your life, and I want you to see the light. It felt so good to get rid of that yuck in my life. I felt so different after I said, “I want You Jesus in my life.” And I want you to hear His words and to feel the same feeling I had and to be FREE! I felt so free that all the troubles were gone in my life and that there was nothing more important than that moment, but I’ll tell you one thing, things will arise to try to stop you from entering the kingdom of heaven. Try not to stray off the path of righteousness like a lost sheep, and if you are not on the path of righteousness, then I want to help you get onto the path of righteousness.

      I would not have said these words myself, these are not my words or my mom’s words, or my brother’s words, no one’s words except God’s words, and if you don’t listen to these words then I want you to think about these words. Because if you don’t do these words you’ll end up in that pit of hell and pig slop like you will keep eating baby puke and living in a pig sty.

      So I want you to come to the righteousness and get away from the disgustingness of this world, I want to reveal to you that you have a black veil on your face, and cuffs on your arms, and Jesus is just waiting for you, He pleads day and night for you, He wants all of you, and He waits and waits for you. I want you to come to the light sooner than later. Because the next day you may be dead or you may get in a car crash. Don’t wait and sit around watching tv on the latest television. I want you to receive the light today, as soon as you can. And I want you to think about these words and I want you to tell others of these words.

      I was like a Pharisee and I thought I was better than my brother or I did nothing wrong, like everything I did was like beautiful in my heart. But my heart was a disgusting world of hate yuck and disgust. My world, you may see happy pictures of me smiling on your walls, but that’s not the truth, that’s just a picture, can a picture tell you anything? No, no it can’t. It can’t tell you anything because what you see doesn’t mean it’s the truth, you need to actually listen and read the Bible about Him. Cause if you don’t you might as well be sitting around doing nothing….And you could do everything good in your life, you could be the best person on earth, but if you never receive Him to be your Savior, then you‘re better off to be a man who killed a thousand people and repented of his sin.

      So I want you today choose whom you will serve. Will you serve the master of darkness, hate and evil? Or will you serve the Master of pureness and light, of good? Who doesn’t want anything bad for you. I want you to receive the light with open arms, open your door to the light, not to the darkness. Don’t be deceived by a wolf dressed in a lambskin. And make sure you choose wisely what you do with your time, because sooner or later this world will crumble to nothing. I want you to choose whom you will serve today, not the next day, not the third after or anything or not a month from now. This moment is the moment to do it.

      As soon as I send you these letters and after you read them, I want you to hopefully receive Him. Because I want to see you all in heaven. Because I don’t want to see you in hell or know that you’re in hell where there’s gnashing of teeth and demons. I don’t want you to be where the devil lies where he makes his disgusting devilish kingdom. I want you to be in the kingdom of heaven where you get a golden crown for doing what is right, for receiving God as your savior, and I want you to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone you know and everyone in the world. Spread it on Facebook, spread it on the internet, spread it on tv even of you can. And don’t be embarrassed to say your beliefs about Jesus Christ to people. People may mock you and laugh at you, but don’t give up because there are others who will do it. Some have gotten stoned for their beliefs many years ago. Jesus died on the cross for you, He died on the cross for even the people who crucified Him on the cross, He was thinking of everyone even individually.

      These are the words that I am saying out of my mouth, but they are not my words, they are God the Almighty’s words. God is so long suffering for you, He wants you to be in His kingdom with Him. I want you today to pray about what I have told you and to think about it, and to contact me on your decision. There’s so much more I could say, but I am going to leave you with this.
Yours truly,

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