God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God. – Psalm 53:2
All seek their own and not the things that are Jesus Christ’s. – Philippians 2:21

    These verses to me, are quite effective in helping us open the door of our hearts. As we peer into the recesses of who we are in the Lord, we can ask ourselves these questions: Are we seeking God, and do we understand what is important to Him? Are we genuinely seeking the things that are Jesus Christ’s? Or are we serving ourselves instead?

We are all encased in the same bodies of flesh, subject to its will and desires. All of us begin with ourselves at the top of the scales and it is only by our honest seeking and self-examination can we descend and allow Jesus the top position in our lives.

What matters most to God is bringing souls to Christ and our growth into His image. As we examine our priorities, we can adjust the scales in the Lord’s favor. God helps us align our priorities by the things we experience and the gentle nudges the Holy Spirit makes with the Word.

When the Apostle Paul made the observation that all were seeking their own and not the things that were important to the Lord, this assessment was coming from an honest evaluation of the spiritual condition of the church. The majority of the people he was ministering to apparently were not putting the Lord and His work first in their lives. There is nothing more important than “seeking the kingdom first” (Matthew 6:33). The Lord promises us that when we obey Him in this area, He will provide everything we need.

Let’s take some time to examine our priorities as Christians and begin seeking those things that are most important to God.

Copyright 2021 by H. D. Shively

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