Value the Intangibles

Now the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit. - Romans 15:13

In the morning I usually spend some quiet time in the presence of my Lord. During one of these quiet sessions I heard His Still Small Voice whisper to me in the silence, “Tell My people to value the intangibles.”

We live in a materialistic world, where the tangible things we see and enjoy are usually seen as having great value. But how can we enjoy these things without the intangibles I believe the Lord is referring to?

In Romans 15:13, the Apostle Paul mentions the Lord’s joy, peace and hope. Our God is the God of hope. These are intangibles, and unless we have the Lord’s joy, peace and hope, how can we ever enjoy anything else? Our misery compels us to fill our souls with things. The lust of having these things only satisfies us for a moment and the cycle must be repeated creating an artificial, very temporal high that usually leaves us flat and disappointed when it dissipates. God’s valuable intangibles are designed to satisfy for a lifetime and far beyond. He is more than willing to bless us with these treasures if we are willing to seek Him for them and covet their worth.

His joy is developed in us when we realize what was accomplished for us by Jesus’ death and His resurrection. We can rejoice with the disciples before the door of His empty tomb knowing that the power of death upon our souls has been forever shattered. That joy blooms into peace and we trust that the God that has so skillfully orchestrated our salvation, is also just as capable of escorting us through the wilderness of this life to ultimate victory, no matter what we encounter in this journey through time.

The peace we feel as we hold God’s hand along the way fills us with hope. We have a future and it doesn’t matter if we are lying on our death beds, experiencing physical trauma, or other sorrows, hope is the shining beam that draws our minds and our hearts to look upon the glorious future with Him in eternity that He has promised.

Joy, peace and hope are marvelous companions. Their lyric voices serenade our souls and we know we cannot live without hearing their sweet song on a daily basis. Sing with them, seek the One who bestows them and let the world see the difference their song makes in your life.

Copyright 2015 by H. D. Shively

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