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An Icy Ride

…Behold now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation- II Corinthians 6:2.

It was winter in New England and the church parking lot was slick with ice, not an unusual phenomenon for that time of year. The worshippers filed into the sanctuary for the morning service. Among them was a group of friends who had invited an unsaved young man to join them that particular Sunday.

It happened that the pastor was preaching a very strong salvation message. At the end of the service there was an altar call and the friends asked the young man if he would like to go forward to receive Jesus and the gift of salvation.
    “No, I’m not ready now,” the youth replied. He told them he was planning on living his life the way he wanted. There was still a lot of worldly fun left for him to experience.

After the service the youth wandered out into the parking lot. As one of the cars was about to leave, he thought he’d enjoy a quick thrill by an icy ride across the parking lot; so he grabbed hold of the car’s bumper and took off behind the vehicle. It was great fun for a bit – until the car stopped suddenly and the young man’s head slammed into car. He was killed instantly.

Jesus talked about a cold, icy outer darkness (Matthew 8:12, 22:13, 25:30) that is reserved for those who choose to reject His offer of warm, loving acceptance for eternity. If we decide to refuse Him, is the brief sojourn of our lives on this planet without Him worth an eternity shut out in the cold?

It’s your choice and He’s offering it to you right now, at this moment. You may not have another chance. This life could stop suddenly and then it will be too late.

Now is the day of salvation.

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Copyright 2009 by H. D. Shively

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