Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part You shall make me to know wisdom. - Psalm 51:6

I was trying on some clothes at a department store, hoping that what looked so good on the rack, might have the same effect on my less than perfect figure. These events are always a carousel of high expectations that spin into shattered illusions, bitter disappointments and pitiful cries emitting from the fitting room.

On this occasion, however, I was having a bit more success. I stepped out of the fitting room to ask the attendant’s opinion on my outfit. There was another woman customer standing behind the counter. I was concerned that the new clothes were not completely concealing my somewhat protruding tummy. I mentioned the fact that if you eat bananas they will cause your belly to swell and they should be avoided for that reason.

The woman behind the counter quickly responded, “Well, I eat a banana every day.”

Then she stepped out from behind the counter. Her belly was fully expanded to accommodate her developing child. She gestured eloquently toward her protruding stomach and disappeared into a fitting room, leaving the attendant and myself roaring with laughter.

The memory of this event has jogged my mind to another department store encounter. This time I was shopping for accessories. The salesgirl there also happened to be a Christian. We got into a conversation and she shared with me how she had been watching some popular television evangelists and she was getting confused. I told her, “Stop watching them and just read your Bible. You need to soak yourself in God’s word and that will end your confusion.” She was greatly relieved and actually hugged me.

I was blessed that I was the instrument God used to deliver this one from the well-meaning, but often unbalanced and sometimes unscriptural teachings of people who are considered by many to be false teachers. You really won’t know if this is true unless you also are willing to soak yourself in God’s word. That’s the only way you will be able to discern the truth from error.

So go ahead, relax, have a banana and fill your belly with the pure truth of God’s word; and be prepared to be expanded by the new life God’s word can birth in you. He will fill you up with His wisdom, because He desires truth in the inward parts.

Copyright 2018 by H. D. Shively

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