The Winter Flowers

Have you ever seen a winter flower?
They are very rare, you know.
They grow in the snow;
Snows of dissension and strife, hatred and unkindness,
Snows of hardship, failure and vice.
They grow oblivious to their environment
For their blossoms continually face the Son,
Even when His face is shrouded in clouds.
No matter how hard and furious
The winds of discontent blow about them,
Their blossoms never fade, nor do their petals fall.
And when they are trampled by the feet of worldly disbelief,
They never die –
The remnant seed lives on.
You are called to be a winter flower,
Prepared for this season of cold.
You are a rare, delicate bloom growing in the cold snows
Of man’s logic, his pride and self-concern.
You shall draw the hardened hearts to the beauty of your
Colors against the cold,
And cause them to look upward to
Find the Source of the miracle of
Flowers that can bloom
In the snow.

Copyright 2008 by H.D. Shively

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