The Spiritually Needy

I need you to become spiritually needy, saith the Lord.
For I am calling you to the marriage feast of the Lamb,
and I need you to be hungry.
Some of you are too full of the things of this life.
I call and you make excuses -
"I cannot come, I have just bought some property;
I have acquired some new transportation and I have to see how good it runs;
I have married a wife and for this reason I cannot come."
Yet, the spiritually needy will come with no excuses;
for the lonely, the poor, the handicapped and those who wrestle with infirmity,
have nothing to hold them back -
they are hungry.
There is only one feast for them and it is at My table.
While the prosperous are proccupied with things of clay,
they have become like the church of Laodicea
and what I have said to them I say to you now -
You who think you are rich in this life you are truly poor,
for you have no need of Me.
Wash the clay out of your eyes so you may see.
Clothe yourself in the wedding garment washed white in My shed blood.
Fast what your eyes and heart desire
until you are famished for the things of God.
Owners of possessions- be as if you possess nothing.
Detach yourselves and live this way
whether My coming is another ten thousand years -
or sometime today.
I need you to be spiritually needy;
impoverished for the things of God, never getting enough, always desiring more,
always striving for deeper intimacy with Me.
For children, that is all there is. There is no more
but Me.
Come, I am calling you to My banqueting table, all My needy ones.
Come and feast with Me.
Luke 14:16-24 Rev.3:15-19 Luke 16:33

copyright 1999 by Hannah Shively

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