Called to the Mountain
Escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed. - Genesis 19:17

    My people, I am calling you to the mountain. I am calling you to a higher place in Me. Do not be like ancient Israel who professed to know Me with their lips, but their hearts belonged to their pagan idols. I require worship that encompasses every aspect of your lives, not just in formal ceremony.
     Do you love Me enough to come out of Sodom and not look back? Can you turn your eyes away from beholding lying vanities? (Psalm 119:37, Jonah 2:8) from pleasing yourselves in the children of strangers? (Isaiah 2:6). Can you move away from an environment of complicated distractions and dwell in simplicity with Me? Can you separate your spirits from the attractions of this life, or do you prefer to swim in these polluted waters?
     The environment I choose for you to dwell in is called holiness. Its waters are clean, its air is pure. It is a dwelling place of lush, flower perfumed fields and orchards of delight. Everything outside its glory is tainted with foul smelling decay. For this present world is dying in its sin. I choose for you not to die with it.
     Separate yourselves, in your hearts, minds and spirits. Hear My voice in the silence and follow Me. My mountain will never be a lonely place, for I am always with you. You shall feel Me there more intimately, and in the safety of these new heights you shall be preserved.
     Come to the mountain of My holiness and Rejoice!

Copyright 2008 by H.D. Shively

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