Kingdom of the Child-Hearted

A child rejoices in simplicity and never ceases to wonder at the miracle of a cross and an empty tomb.
    A child is not afraid to step across an unknown threshold, because he knows his Father is waiting for him on the other side.
    A child trusts and is ever dependent on his Parent’s care, for he knows that if he relies on his own resources, he will fall.
    A child readily believes and accepts the Truth, and does not need to wrestle and analyze the Word of God, for by his child’s faith his heart has been satisfied.
    A child accepts love as a gift, and does not need to question it, he just receives.
    Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven - a place where the proud-hearted cannot enter.
    Oh, My people, cast all your burdens down, for your arms are too small to hold them, though you think you need to bear them for Me. I want to carry you. I want to take care of you. I did not create you to rely on your own resources; I have created you to rely on Me.
    The Kingdom to which I am drawing you is The Kingdom of the Child-Hearted. I have designed it to be a place of worship, rest and, yes, play. For a rejoicing heart will express itself in joyful, uninhibited motion. My playground abounds with exuberant life.
    My children, ask yourselves, are you ready for My Kingdom? For all are equal there. My shepherds are equal with My sheep. The authority I bestow upon you I give as to children, not to the proud. I ask you, do you desire My Kingdom?
    Children, look up to Me, and wait upon My deliverance. I seek you to be seeking your destiny with Me. Be not proud, but humble yourselves as little children – all of you; for of such is My Kingdom of the Child-Hearted.

Copyright 2008 by H.D. Shively

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