Rainbows on the Ground
Eden's Dream
...for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth...
But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.
Genesis 2:5, 6.

In Eden’s dream,
Rain never fell from the sky, but rose up in ethereal mists from the ground to water the life that thrived within the borders of God’s blessed garden.
And when the sunlight danced with the mist, rainbows would appear to celebrate the union of
light and dew;
embellishing the beauty of the garden with colors that flowed amongst
the flowers and pathways of
Eden’s dream.

There in the midst of moisture, soil and light, God fashioned a man after His image.
Birthed in the glow of the rainbow celebration,
the firstborn of creation was christened, “Adam,” by his Creator,
who gave His son the privilege of naming all the colors and the life that dwelt within
Eden’s dream.

But Adam was alone,
and among all that God had made that was good, this was not.
So one day when the sunlight was the brightest, and the mist that nurtured life was all around,
the rainbows that were sparkling across the ground invited Adam to rest
within the color’s embrace.
And Adam fell into a deep, peaceful sleep in
Eden’s dream.

Did he see her in a vision of his sleep emerge from his side and their bed of rainbows?
Did he know she would be waiting for him to arise
and did she greet him with bouquets and smiles in
Eden’s dream?

The man and the woman walked hand in hand in rainbow anointed paths
that only God had made,
a union blessed above all others.
Betrothed by God within the marriage of light and mist, two distinct elements united as one,
for light with light, nor mist with mist cannot birth the colors that God has blessed.
The man and the woman arose from rainbows on the ground
two as one.
Colors of heaven blessed their feet wherever they walked in
Eden’s dream.

One man and one woman, united by a covenant from heaven
and sealed with a rainbow for all time,
the sign of God’s blessing upon what He has ordained to be;
one man and one woman, husband and wife for a lifetime,
sanctified, born among flowers and rainbows on the ground
rising up to adorn them with the colors of the precious sign.
God’s peace forever reigns upon His perfect plan of
woman united with man in
Eden’s dream –
Eden’s reality.

copyright 2014 by H.D. Shively