Question: Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

Answer: A Christian and a Muslim are admiring a magnificent mountain together. The Christian says to the Muslim, “I worship the God who made that mountain.”
     The Muslim replies, “I also worship the God who made that mountain.”
     The point is; there is only one true God, the God of Abraham who made the heavens and the earth. The Muslims believe they worship the God of Abraham, however the One True God of Israel, the God of Abraham is not defined by man’s words or doctrine, but only through the Messiah Jesus, as God has ordained. In order to reach the Muslim for Christ, we don’t want to create an initial barrier in our communication and our attempts to reconcile those differences in our beliefs, which would hinder them from coming to a saving knowledge of God through Jesus. So we can use the mountain example to begin a discussion. We must begin with that common bond of belief in Abraham’s God in order to establish a meaningful dialogue. I would never insult Muslims by telling them that they do not worship the same God as Christians do, and cut off any further discussion. Also, their Imans tell them that we do not worship the same God and if we insist we don't then we are saying to them their Imans are right. So I believe it is best to say we both worship the God of Abraham, but we believe different things about Him that need to be reconclied.

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