Question: Do Muslims believe in the last judgment?

Answer: Yes, they certainly do. What they need to understand is that God sent Jesus the Messiah to prepare all of us for that final judgment.
     Jesus is our High Priest who is the fulfillment of the priest’s office as established by God through Moses. In His role as our High Priest, Jesus accomplishes three major things for us.

     1. Jesus removes our sins.
     By removing our sins, we are made acceptable to God, because as the prophet Isaiah says, “All our righteousness are as filthy rags.” - Isaiah 64:6

     2. Jesus gives us the relationship and communion that God had with Abraham. In the past this relationship was reserved for a select few that God chose to help advance His plan of redemption for all of humanity.
     Our sins are the barrier that separates us from a holy God. Jesus removes that barrier and we can enter into a relationship with God and be closer to Him in this life.

     3. Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit.
     God gave the Holy Spirit to Jesus (Isaiah 42:1, Luke 4:18) to give to us through Him (John 20:22) thereby enabling us to live holy lives well pleasing to God. The Holy Spirit also gives our souls the ability to live eternally with God and abide in His Holy Presence forever.

     It is not God’s will that any should perish or be rejected by Him at the judgment, and this is why He has sent us Jesus our High Priest, who also continually makes intercession for us before God the Father (Romans 8:34).

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