God's Weaponry
The fruit of the Spirit is love...Galatians 5:22, 23

I seek to have you armed, saith the Lord; for no soldier can survive without My weaponry.

LOVE bears all things; learn to love and strength like a mighty wall shall rise about you to be your protection. It shall be a fortress that no enemy can overcome and you shall be secure. Let Me give you My love.

JOY brings healing and victory. Against it no enemy can stand, for in its mirror the counsels of the wicked are defeated, for joy reveals their end. Rejoice! I have gained for you the victory!

PEACE is the result of trusting Me. It reveals My wisdom within you, and in the heat of its tranquility, the enemy shall melt away as ice on a hot, summer day. Trust Me, and you shall have My peace.

GENTLENESS, MEEKNESS and GOODNESS shall cast down worldly majesties and come against the power of evil with all the force of a devastating explosion, though not a leaf be stirred, nor a blade of grass tremble. Yet, shall it quake the hearts of men and seal the mouths of the beasts who seek to devour you. Treasure them and I will fill you with their glory.

FAITHFULNESS is the bridge that shall keep you by My side and carry you above the waters of your circumstances no matter how fiercely the currents rage beneath you. Keep your eyes on Me and believe that I will never leave you.

PATIENCE rules a kingdom. It waits for its enemies and seizes upon them within My perfect timing. Wait for it and it will surely come to thee.

TEMPERANCE rests the security of an army; for you cannot be overcome by excess when you possess its secrets, and no carnal weapon formed against you shall prosper, for you shall be found awake and alert to the subterfuge of desire. Stand still and see the salvation of your God as I create within thee an excessive desire for Me.

My child, I seek for you to win, and you will only win as you relinquish your will to Me. As you submit, you shall see your enemy surrender; and thus there shall be an end to the warfare within.

Copyright 2008 by H.D. Shively

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