Question: Is global warming for real?

Answer: The Bible tells us that before the Lord returns, the sun will, be seven times brighter (Isaiah 30:26). This Biblical fact is also confirmed by a report by NASA that the sun is getting hotter on its own. Therefore, we can assume that because the sun is getting hotter, that it will affect the climate. We can see that intense heat is a factor upon the earth during the tribulation (Rev. 16:9).

While governments are trying to counter the effects of what they perceive to be a changing climate, there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop the sun’s growing intensity.

However, I do believe that pollution can affect the climate as well. I am old enough to remember what the sun used to look like when I was a child, over sixty years ago. It used to be a tight round ball, with no spiked, uneven edges of light spreading out around it as it appears today. This effect is supposedly caused by a hole in the ozone layer. This hole that has so markedly affected the sun’s appearance, also cannot be repaired by man’s intervention. We are told that this hole in the ozone layer is caused by pollution. We can work to reduce pollution and keep that hole from getting bigger, but it cannot be repaired.

Man’s pollutions, which I also see as symbolic of mankind’s polluting sin, has marred our environment as well as the minds and hearts of the people God has originally created to inhabit a perfect world, with Him as the center of our worship. Because human kind has rejected his Maker, the planet will continue to writhe under the weight of sin until the Lord returns. He is the only one who can restore the planet and the hearts and minds of the people who have ruined it.

Most of the plagues mentioned in the book of Revelation are environmental. Check out our study on Revelation Chapter Eight for more insights.

Global Warming or Global Warning?

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