Dance with Me
Will you dance with Me, My bride? Will you rejoice with Me that you are here and we are together? You have left those solemn, straight rowed pews behind to dance with Me; for you are not afraid to move with My Spirit, no matter where I take you. Follow My lead! Oh, what joy and delight it is for Me to dance with you!

Dancing on the Wind
I can feel my feet on the wind drawing me upward as I dance with Him. Oh, what will people think when they see me spin? I cannot help it you see, for my feet are on the wind,
and He's dancing with me!
    It's a wonderful sensation to be brought up so high. There is nothing in this life that can compare with His ballroom in the sky! Oh, what a scandal it is to those sitting in the pews below, who refuse to let their feet be moved at all. I'm sorry for them, but why should I cease, when it gives me such
joy and peace to dance with Him on the wind.

Why We Are Here
Sometimes it takes us humans quite awhile before we realize that we have been put on this planet for one reason; to worship God, our loving creator. When the Light breaks through our wordly clouds, and we finally respond to His gentle tapping on our shoulders; when we decide at last it's safe to take our eyes off the earth and look upward, the Light fills our eyes, and suddenly it is all we want to behold. The joy of worshipping Him floods into our souls, lifts us up, and nothing is ever the same. Life doesn't necessarily get easier - it just gets sweeter.
I want to make the angels dance. I want to catapult them into fits of ecstasy. For the Bible says this is something I can do quite readily. For it says that there is joy in heaven over the sinner who repents, you see. So I shout the Gospel message across this weary land, and carry the word of repentance in my hands. To bring souls into the kingdom of God is my meat and drink - to make the angels dance and bring rejoicing to their feet!

How Did Miriam Dance?
How did Miriam dance? Her feet moved very very fast. She imagined that her enemy was buried in the wet sand beneath her feet - and she laughed!
   How did Miriam dance? She leaped and spun, held her hands way up to the sun, then barely paused to catch her breath before she was in motion again.
   She applauded her Deliverer as He watched from above, enjoying the movement He inspired in this child of God. And I think of all the rows and rows of solemn faces sitting frozen in their pews, and wonder what it's going to take to get us to move? Maybe start with just a tapping foot or two, listening to the music while we're wondering,
how did Miriam dance?

The Dancer
When she was young, she could leap so high, she thought she could touch the sun. And no earthly fears could keep her feet bound to the ground.
   Sometimes she would lead the worship with her timbrel in her hand. The other women surrounded her like a garden of choice blooms swaying in
the breath of His wind.
    Sometimes she would dance to Him alone when no one was watching but Him. In elegant, graceful movement, she could become for His pleasure; an ocean of gently rolling motion, or a bird soaring, or wind rushing, or a child kneeling....
when she was young.
    Now she sits. Her body is sore and worn from all the desert years. Now she sits and remembers a praise so free. She is the dancer only in her memory.
But true worship isn’t limited by an aging frame.
    Miriam, the dancer, closes her eyes. Some would see a very old woman resting, but if they could only see the celebration inside! Her voice has become a choir as her heart whirls in devotion. Feeling the caress of His favor, this old woman, imbued with passion, worships with spinning fervor. Her spirit worships, her soul is soaring,
as she sits, she is dancing; and she leaps so high, now she can touch the sun!

Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him. These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
Genesis 5:24 and Revelation 14:4

Enoch walked with God, moved with God;
Divine movement born out of love for the Holy Father.
And Father reached down and took this child,
And Enoch was not – raptured in a moment,
In a twinkling of an eye.

So the chosen few, the multitudes of thousands
God views as one child moving in unity
In the last few minutes before hell is unleashed,
This delicate bride moves her feet like Enoch in a
Divine dance following the Lamb wherever He leads her.
She follows Him to her death of self,
For she is born again to love Him.
And Father reaches down and takes this child,
And draws her to Himself – raptured in a moment
In a twinkling of an eye, like Enoch;
Divine movement, inspired dance following love’s call,
Now raised high above the heads of their enemies,
Moving through the clouds to their Father’s throne
Singing a new song only this remnant can know.

And the Spirit calls, “Follow Me no matter where I lead you,
Move your feet in My direction and you will never fall.
I am calling now, My bride can hear Me.
Walk with Me like Enoch,
For the time is now.”

Rocks in the Stream
Some of My people are like rocks in a stream. They sit in the current as I pour out My Spirit over them, but these religious ones have become so hardened, they refuse to be penetrated. Instead, they split the water force apart and send it away,
over and over again.

Copyright 1991-2008 by H.D. Shively

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