Blessed Are

from Matthew 5:3-11Blessed Are: The poor in spirit... They that mourn...The meek...They which do hunger and thirst after righteousness...The merciful...The pure in heart...The peacemakers...The persecuted.

I think Jesus is talking about one person, somebody He found in the alley called life, humbled by sin, mourning for the ruin his own choices have brought him; someone who has finally become meek enough to realize that there is no possible way he could ever change himself. Yet, this street man is so hungry and thirsty for the change that will make him righteous, the blessing comes, the reward for recognizing the need.

Redemption reaches down with a couple of nail-scarred hands and pulls him to his feet and mercy creates mercy in the depths of a needy soul. The heart is cleansed and the ministry of reconciliation begins creating another peacemaker willing to be persecuted for the righteousness he has received.

Yeah, I think know this guy. It must be me.

copyright 2004 by H.D. Shively

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