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Space Suit
Special Feature!
You Can't Get to Heaven without a Space Suit -
The "Spiritually Scientific" Reason Why You Need Jesus.

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by Me" (John 14:6). Do you know why? To find out
Read More

    The Origin of Christianity    The Three Essentials of Christianity
How to Receive the Gift of Eternal Life
Prophecies Fulfilled by The Messiah Jesus

Help for the Hard Times -

Keys for Spiritual Survival
A Study on the Gospel of John Chapters 14 - 16

Spiritual Warfare -
The Weapon of Prayer

Religious Spirit

Considering an abortion?
There's a Life
in your hand.

"All Life Matters"

The Creation Account and the “Big Bang Theory”

Stories, Prose and
Dramatic Readings

Healthy Eating

God's Natural Cures for
Cancer and Flu

Revelation at the Well -
Audio Feature

A Bible study on the Woman at the Well from John Chapter Four, comes to life when the main character takes over -
with a Brooklyn accent.

The Remnant Tree
Noah, Daniel and Job - Ezekiel 14:14

When God’s Holy Fire descends upon the branches of men, some are consumed and fall away. Others are purged by the fire and come forth shining as gold. And the Lord gathers them, this remnant and wears them upon His crown. They are the glory of His diadem.

Noah obeyed Me, and sought his refuge in Me. I carried him across the stormy waters and caused him to come to rest on higher ground. He obeyed Me and lived. I was his only salvation, for there is no other way that a man can be saved.

Daniel separated and sanctified himself to Me. He did not bend his knee to the gods of silver and gold and men. He refused to eat the pagan meat and found his joy on his knees before Me, and I kept him from his hour of temptation. I sealed the mouths of the lions, and caused his enemies to lick the ground where he stood.

Job was rolled in the ashes and trusted Me through his suffering. There within the fire, a just man was made perfect until his eyes of faith could see Me. I come to purge every ounce of self-righteousness away, for all righteousness is of Me. Job was reborn in the ashes to live again abundantly.

Dark clouds are gathering, the fire storm is coming; My dove is resting in the uppermost branches of the remnant tree. There I shall pick My fruit and gather My children to Me, Noah, and Daniel and Job.

Copyright 2008 by H.D. Shively from "The Still Small Voice"

Is Jesus Calling You?
Jesus Talking
for the

The Revelation Times
the Book of Revelation
For The Times We Are Living Now

The Shack
Where Fiction
The Truth

Do you think God can't forgive you? Read Manasseh's Story of Repentance

out of the Book of the Lord and read: no one of these shall fail - Isaiah 34:16

The Gospel of John and His Epistles

The Gospel of Matthew with Isaiah 53 and Hebrews

The Gospel of Mark with Peter's Epistles

The Gospel of Luke with Acts

The Epistle of James with Jude


Remember the Poor -

When an artist and his wife lost their home, it opened the door to a new ministry, and their eyes... Read more...

Yes, There is Hope!
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ   and   
An Easter Poem for all Seasons

No Fear

A Personal Message from the Apostle Peter to You

If God can use Peter, He can use you
Upon This Rock

Got Questions?

Is global warming for real?

Is there a rapture of the church?

How do I get rid of a Jezebel spirit?

Is Peter the rock Jesus built His church on?

I am ministering to a Muslim...

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